Very Well Then

Contradicting myself, always contradicting myself

A poem — inspired by Billy Collins*

Posted by verywellthen on November 9, 2008

On the Next Line


I do not like it when poets finish their sentences

On the next line.  My reading eyes have a

Carriage return — a tiny hand reaching up and

Pushing them from the right side of

The socket back to the left, down one line.  Time

To pause.  Writer, your pause can be my pause – the end of a

Phrase, a

Thought, a


You don’t know how long it took me to accept

that rhyming wasn’t necessary.  And the lower case letters and poor punctuation. 

I’ll give you modernists credit for stopping the use of words like o’er and morn.

But please, finish your thought on the line you started it.  

I won’t think of you as anything other than





*It seems to be his humor.  I don’t mean to imply that he’s the type to abuse the use of the carriage return.  The carriage return — it’s a responsibility.  Use it wisely.


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