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Baseball Disaster Movies (2010)

Posted by verywellthen on June 15, 2010

Today’s blog post is really just an expanded Tweet with links and a Posterisk.

Baseball Disaster Movies : Towering Inferno (Target Field has a small fire), Earthquake* (Petco Park has a small trembler), Poseidon Adventure (the Mariners 2010 season).

* Disaster movies were a staple of my movie diet for a certain period of my youth.   And there was no movie that I more eagerly awaited than Earthquake.  It was advertised as being available in “Sensurround” which was supposed to be something that would shake theater seats during the earthquake moments in the movie.  Maybe it worked well in the “select theaters” that got the full technology, but in my small-town theater it felt like nothing more than the projector guy turning up the bass for a few seconds.   And even with only 10-year-old standards to uphold, I thought the movie sucked.  One of the biggest disappointments in my personal cinema history.

YouTube has the only image I can find of the Target Field fire of Sunday night (6/13/2010).


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