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Portland Paint-By-Number Bike Lanes

Posted by verywellthen on July 12, 2010

On the streets of Blue Heron Town, I found a piece of paper with the diagram below.   These symbols (sort of a bicycle with corporal stripes)  are being laid down on streets all over my neighborhood — I believe soon coming to all of Portland.
I kind of thought diagram looked like a paint-by-number.   So I created a paint-by-number — somewhat inspired by World Cup colors (scroll way down).
If you feel so inclined, create your own paint-by-number and send it to me and I’ll try to post it.
HINT:  Make your browser real wide to view.  Surprisingly, it looks good on a smart phone.


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Mazzy the Hound Dog predicts Twins games

Posted by verywellthen on July 11, 2010

No doubt you’ve heard about Paul, the World-Cup predicting octopus — correctly selecting the fate of the German World Cup team throughout the South African tournament.

Well, I was wondering if my dog, Mazzy, had any prognostication skills in selecting the winner of Twins games.  Before Saturday’s game (July 10), I put down two snacks, one I designated for the Tigers and one for the Twins.  She initially ran toward the Twins snack, sniffed it, and then passed it over for the Tigers snack.  Things didn’t look too good for the Twins… and sure enough, the Twins went out and lost 7-4 to the Tigers — with another starting pitching performance so bad that Mazzy would roll in it.

Mazzy’s record was 1-0 in predicting Twins games, so far.

So now I’ll be recording her predictions, posted before each game.  The most recent predictions are at the top.  I’ll keep this going until she gets one wrong.

UPDATE 7/15:  Mazzy gets one wrong.  White Sox win 8-7.  I think she properly envisioned the events of the game.  It’s just that I forgot to tell her about the “balk” rule.   Oh well.  Experiment ends.

UPDATE  7/14 :

Mazzy got last Sunday’s game correct.  She’s now 2-0.

The video below is Mazzy’s prediction for the first game back from the All-Star Break — White Sox at Twins.  Mazzy predicts a Twins Win.  Sorry about the sideways video.  I didn’t think it through, that YouTube would only support horizontal video.  Mazzy says “Go Twins.”

UPDATE 7/11:

So this video is her prediction made before Sunday’s game (July 11, 2010) between the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers — posted before I know it’s results.  Let’s hope she’s right and the Twins world has a little something to wag their tails about before the All-Star Game.

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