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Chlorine Flashback

Posted by verywellthen on March 31, 2009

swimming1Memory is trapped in the olfactory — smell and taste — locked away as intense nostalgia ready to explode its vividness upon accidental disinterment.

I went swimming today — a bit player in my fitness regime.  I think I somewhat resemble C3PO swimming — if you can imagine that.   I don’t float too well and I possess a klutzy mechanical stroke.  In the crawl, I can only breath on my left side (a southjaw?), which led to a crimp in my neck today.  

So, I thought this would be as good as time as any to practice right-side breathing.  It seems simple enough.  But my body starts to bob, as I reach higher with my head to breath on the uncomfortable side and splash down like a breaching whale’s return to the sea — each successive stroke reaching a greater amplification until …

I took a generous amount of water in my nose — a deep chlorinated nasal cleaning.    I don’t want to start the next drug craze, but I had an intense flashback.  It was the childhood equivalent of a wasabi-rush.   I was seven again — it was swimming lessons on Saturday morning at the Elk’s swimming pool in my hometown.     Being semi-weightless in the pool it was credible to believe.  I cycled through a few more strokes until the flashback ran its course.  

I didn’t fight the feeling.  I let myself be seven again.  It felt amazing.


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